Discover the official Teutonia retailer closest to you. Committed to high quality and authorised to sell Teutonia prams and strollers.


    Your retailer will answer all your questions and arrange as many test drives as you need to help you choose your perfect stroller.


    Your retailer will be able to supply original Teutonia approved accessories to match your lifestyle and needs. Choose from storage, wheels, design extras and more.


    Our approved retailers meet Teutonia's high standards for quality and service, to ensure the performance of your new Teutonia stroller.

    Your Teutonia dealer will  demonstrate your pram and explain all the features. We believe that you have to feel and test drive a Teutonia before you really fall in love with it. Our experienced dealers can help you find the best stroller that meets your needs. Are you looking for a stroller, pram, buggy or a twin stroller? Looking for a cheap stroller? A stroller that is great for travelling or one that is best in snow? Furthermore, you can test accessories such as rain covers, cup holders, footmuffs that match your stroller. Get answers to all your questions by visiting our amazing retailers.



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